​Pathfinder Monthly Reports

​If you are accessing this page, you are able to submit your monthly report on-line.  Those without internet will continue to report as they do through the mail or by faxing the information to this office. Please submit your report by the 10th of each month.​​ Thank you for your participation and for your feedback. ​ 

Click here to access the online Pathfinder Club Monthly Report.​

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Jeff Wines, director, Youth and Family Life 

Richie Brower, associateddirector, Youth, Young Adult and Family Life, UCC Club Ministries Director 

Cheryl Wallace, administrative assistant, Pathfinders, Adventurers and Family Life​ 


Pathfinder Coordinators

John Wenger, head coordinator for Pathfinders 509-935-8398

David and Susie Workman, area coordinators, North Lakes District

Judy Bitton, assistant area coordinator, North Lakes District

Greg Clark, assistant area coordinator, North Lakes District

Michael Jeffery, area coordinator, Blue Mountain District

Imogene Thomas, area coordinator, East Cascade District

June Cross, area coordinator, Columbia Basin, District

Rick and Estee Pummel, coordinators, Teen Extreme

Steve Meharry, coordinator, Teen Mission Adventure

Elder Darayl & Sandy Larsen; Hispanic Coordinators

Dave Workman, and Susie Workman, First Aid Coordinators

UCC Pathfinder Bible Experience Coordinator, Beverly Mayfield

Pathfinder Event Specialists: Paul Daniel, David Dickerson,  Roy &  Patty Frazier,  James  Jeffery;  Daniel Jeffery; and David Jeffery.

Adventurer Coordinators

  vacant position,   head coordinator, editor, Adventurer Newsletter
vacant position , north district coordinator
Anita Lebold, south district coordinator
Mayra Soltero, south district Hispanic coordinator​