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Teen Retreat at Camp MiVoden the last weekend of January, 2018, was a fun filled weekend.2/20/2018YesKathy MarsonFamily Life Ministries; Pathfinder Clubs
In a little white house behind Deary Church in western Idaho. Etta Ginter, Alice and Leland Reiber, and Mike and Bernita Linderman started what they called “Dorcas.”  Pat Crew began helping in 1990 and in 1997 she was asked to be in charge.1/29/2018NoKathy MarsonAdventist Community Services; Communications
A letter from John Freedman, president of the NPUC to all members in Upper Columbia Conference reguarding the search for a new president.1/23/2018YesKathy Marson
Back in December, Herman Schreven, our current Adventist Book Center  manager announced he is taking new employment as the manager of LocalTel Grant County, an Internet, TV and phone provider.1/11/2018NoKathy MarsonAdministration; Adventist Book Center; Communications; President's Office
On December 31, 2017, Bruce Christensen is officially handing off the position of operations director to Ashley Silva after 33 and a half years of service at Camp MiVoden.12/18/2017YesKathy MarsonYouth Ministries; Family Life Ministries; Communications
Upper Columbia Academy hosted approximately 250 students from Adventist elementary and junior academies for a TechnicArts Fair on Oct. 26, 2017.12/12/2017NoKathy MarsonCommunications; Education Department
The Family Weekend at Upper Columbia Academy began Nov. 17, 2017. In the past, parent weekend and grandparent weekend were at different times in the year. This year was the first merged Parent/Grandparent weekend.12/12/2017NoKathy MarsonCommunications; Education Department
Relationships - we all have them. If the truth be told, relationships bring us some of our greatest joys and deepest heartache.12/11/2017NoKathy MarsonFamily Life Ministries; Youth Ministries
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