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UCA staff voted to find strategic ways to show how Jesus Christ is at the heart of the Three Angels' Messages.10/10/2018YesKathy MarsonCommunications; Education Department; President's Office
A surprise retirement dinner was held for June Graham in the Collvile Church fellowship hall10/10/2018NoKathy MarsonEducation Department
Archie Harris, new associate Superintendent of Education in UCC comes from a family of educators who taught in schools in Montana. Archie began teaching in Great Falls, Montana.9/17/2018YesKathy MarsonEducation Department; Communications
Part of a network of over 100 Lifetalk Christian Radio stations, KMEI studio is located in the Kamiah Seventh-day Adventist Church.9/17/2018NoKathy MarsonCommunications; Evangelism
This new department will encompass Hispanic, Slavic, Native American and multi-ethnic ministries in UCC. Walter says, “Its overarching goal is to plant the Kingdom of God in the heart of people in their communities.” 9/17/2018YesKathy MarsonCommunications; Multicultural Ministries & Hispanic Ministries; Ministerial; President's Office
Charles G. Edwards passed away September 7, 2018. He was a pastor in UCC, and son of Josephine Cunnington Edwards. A Committed minister who loved to learn throughout his life.9/11/2018YesKathy MarsonCommunications; Ministerial
“I believe God prepares each one of us for different chapters, different places, different seasons in our lives,” says Labrador. 9/4/2018NoKathy MarsonCommunications; Human Resources; President's Office; Sabbath School Ministries; Secretariat; Treasury
Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) in Spangle, Wash., will be adding a required internship for all juniors beginning with the 2018–2019 school year. Students will be released from regular schoolwork to get a taste of their future occupation for two weeks in Mar9/4/2018NoKathy MarsonEducation Department; Communications; Youth Ministries; President's Office; Secretariat; Treasury
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