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Local Church Budget November 16, 2019

Rescued! The Hagerstown Seventh-day Adventist church in Maryland has had an annual tradition: a fund-raising yard sale for the public. Members and others donate items, some provide baked goods for sale, and the proceeds go for a special church project.

The venue for the sale has always been a prominent location along the main road through town, known as Dual Highway or Route 40. The lot slopes gently down to the road. The church chose that vacant lot so that the many passers-by would notice it.

At one of these sales a few years ago, a folding table was with the children's items, including a large inflated rubber ball. Of course, that caught the eye of a three-year old boy. He grabbed it and began kicking it around the area. Unfortunately, as it rolled toward the highway the little boy was scampering after it. Most everyone was preoccupied at the time and did not notice the potential tragedy. Just then, the pastor saw this out of the corner of his eye and yelled "Stop!" in his loudest voice. Fortunately, the child stopped just in time, and the ball rolled out right in front of a rapidly passing car and was demolished.

That little boy is now a handsome young man in his twenties. You may not rescue one of our youth in such a dramatic fashion, but you can rescue some today, young and old, by your faithful giving.


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