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One of the greatest lessons life can teach you is how to distinguish between what is important and what fades away. Values like hard work, helping others and learning to put first things first can be learned at any age, but must be learned in order to experience life at its fullest. The most significant things in life are those purposes to which we give our energy and passion.

Your influence can continue to shape your priorities beyond your lifetime. Upper Columbia Conference Trust Services is here to help you with estate planning and provides free consultation regarding the preparation of wills, annuities and other documents. As a member, you can also arrange for a field representative to meet with you in your home.

Below are rates for one of our most popular ways of benefitting God's cause here in Upper Columbia Conference--a Charitable Gift Annuity.  Offered through the North Pacific Union Conference, Charitable Gift Annuities provide a significant benefit to God's work while increasing income to individuals.  See the Giving Toolbox for more information on this and other ways to make a difference here in Upper Columbia Conference.

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