Member Makes Potholders for Cuba

by Tye Davis, October 01, 2019

Albee knew she could not go to Cuba because she is blind. So she let God use her talents to bring smiles to the faces of people in Cuba. She looks forward to meeting them someday in heaven.

The lesson that Lisa Albee taught may have originated more than a year ago, but it's one that continues to inspire many. You see, it would have been difficult for Albee, who attends the Coeur d’Alene Church in north Idaho, to go on an international mission trip because she is blind. But when she heard her church was organizing another mission trip to Cuba, she wanted to be involved.

For several months leading up to the trip, Albee used her talent of knitting to make potholders to share in the community in Cuba where other people from her church would be renovating a house to be a new place of worship. Each Sabbath, as Albee listened to the music and message during the worship service, her fingers would be flying as she hurried to make as many of these little gifts as she could.

Knowing that people in the Caribbean like lots of color, she asked friends to help her pick out 40 skeins of several different vibrant colors of yarn to make them especially attractive. By the time the group was ready to head to Cuba in October 2018, Albee had spent 465 hours making 163 beautiful potholders to share with the people in the community where fellow members were serving.

Albee knew she couldn’t go to Cuba, but she was willing to let God use her talents to bring smiles to the faces of many people she looks forward to meeting someday in heaven. Albee is also actively involved in her church’s community services program and thrift store, Gathered for Good. Her active ministry for God is a lesson and gift that keeps on giving.

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