Three Pastors Ordained in Lewiston

by Dustin R. Jones, MA,

Pastors Justin Knapp, Kevin McGill, and Marshall McVay were ordained in Lewiston, Idaho on March 14.

​Justin Knapp, pastor of the Lewiston and Lewiston Orchard churches; Kevin McGill, pastor of the Troy, Deary, and Endicott churches; and Marshall McVay, pastor of the Moscow and Pullman churches; were ordained to the gospel ministry on March 14, 2020, in Lewiston, Idaho. Minner Labrador Jr., president of Upper Columbia Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, presented the ordination certificate to each pastor. 

Justin grew up highly involved in the Seventh-day Adventist mission to proclaim the good news of the everlasting gospel of Christ. At the age of nine, Justin felt the desire to follow Jesus; he studied the Bible with his father, who is a Seventh-day Adventist minister, and was baptized. Justin’s journey to ministry was not direct, but there was always that inescapable, inevitable sense of calling to share the gospel. He felt that call—even though he chose a different career after graduating from Walla Walla Valley Academy in 2000. He became a ski technician in the winters and a wildland firefighter in the summer. Justin prayed during his wandering years that God would send him a partner who would encourage him to focus on the priorities that truly mattered, and God answered. Kimberly Vickroy, a fellow graduate of Walla Walla Valley Academy, was introduced to Justin and before long, he realized Kimberly loved him for who he was (not for money or ambition) and she encouraged him in his career. They were married December 15, 2002. Justin began to take various jobs to support Kimberly’s career goal to become a certified public accountant. 

Justin continued to hear God’s call to ministry and in September 2008 he acted on that calling by returning to Walla Walla University to study theology. Through much support from professors and mentors, he forged ahead, trusting that God could use him in ministry. Upon graduating from theology, Justin had still not received any offers of employment, so he made plans to fight fire one last summer and then attend seminary on his own. Halfway through the summer, while fighting fires in Colorado, he received a phone call from one of his professors that a conference administrator was trying to reach him. Within a week he had received two calls to ministry, one from Upper Columbia Conference with sponsorship to graduate school, which would begin in three short weeks. They accepted this call and moved to Berrien Springs, Michigan to attend seminary. At the seminary, Justin and Kimberly entered the next phase of life together, parenthood.

Madison, their daughter, was born in September 2013. She is now in kindergarten at Beacon Christian School in Lewiston and is a constant reminder to Justin of the grace and love that has shaped him into the man he is today. Justin would like to thank the many people who have taken part in that process. 

Marshall McVay was born to John and Pam McVay on September 28, 1987, in Deer Park California. It was his privilege to grow up in a loving, committed Seventh-day Adventist family. At a young age, Marshall became interested in pastoral ministry, perhaps from observing his father and grandfathers, all of whom served as ministers in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

In his late teens, Marshall experienced a growing conviction and desire to dedicate himself to serving God as a minister of the gospel. He enrolled in Walla Walla University in 2006 as a theology major. Marshall served as a student missionary in 2008 at Avondale College Church in Cooranbong, New South Wales, Australia. That experience helped him better understand the joys and challenges that accompany pastoral ministry—and shaped his life in another powerful way. During that year in Australia, Marshall McVay and Natashia Walde fell in love and began dating. (Natashia was serving as a chaplain at Avondale Primary and Secondary School, also located in Cooranbong, Australia.) 

Marshall McVay and Natashia Walde married in 2011, just one week after Marshall graduated from Walla Walla University with degrees in both theology and business administration. Marshall served on the pastoral staff of the College Place Village Church for the following two years. Next, Marshall and Natashia attended Andrews University Theological Seminary together, both earning Master of Divinity degrees in 2016. Marshall currently serves as pastor of the Moscow, Idaho and Pullman, Washington Seventh-day Adventist churches.  
In 2016, the Moscow Seventh-day Adventist Church stepped out in faith and locally funded a pastoral position for Natashia. Her emphasis is outreach to youth and young adults, with special emphasis on reaching the students on the campuses of University of Idaho and Washington State University. 

Marshall and Natashia enjoy the full spectrum of pastoral ministry, however; outreach to university students holds a special place in their hearts. In the last three years, they gratefully acknowledge God’s blessings in their ministry to reach the students of Washington State University and of the University of Idaho.

Kevin McGill was born and raised in Port Hardy, British Columbia (Canada). He grew up commercial fishing with his family and enjoying the beauty of his small coastal town. His favorite activities have always been hiking, camping, and exploring the wonders of God’s creation. As an introverted and shy boy, he never dreamed he would be a pastor and preach at church one day. However, God had different plans.

Danelle and Kevin met at Walla Walla University. Kevin was tasked to do something out of his comfort zone as a class assignment. As an introverted student, the most uncomfortable thing would be to ask a girl out on a date. He had his eye on Danelle but had never gotten the courage to talk to her or meet her. Kevin looked up her number in the student directory, and taking a deep breath, dialed her number. However, by the second ring he was sure he had made a huge mistake! Danelle didn’t pick up, so he left a hurried message and hung up the phone with nervous apprehension. Danelle did get the message and they ended up having their first date on February 14, 2007.

As it turned out, Danelle was the impetus for Kevin becoming a pastor. She had promised herself that she would be in a relationship with a guy who took God seriously. At the time, Kevin was not doing that and Danelle’s passionate conviction awakened in him a desire to take God seriously himself. They got married on December 16, 2008. Nine months later they were serving as missionaries with Adventist Frontier Missions in Palawan, Philippines. From there Kevin came across a Gleaner article about a Bible worker program in the Upper Columbia Conference. After serving as student missionaries, they returned to Spokane and Kevin became a Bible worker at South Hill Church. Dave Livermore mentored Kevin and encouraged him to go to seminary. They went to seminary and then were placed with the Village Church in College Place, Washington. Kevin had the privilege of being mentored there by Pastor Jeff Kinne. Kevin and Danelle are now thankful to be part of excellent and supportive church communities in Troy, Deary, and Endicott.

They have two children. Grady McGill (6) and Mira McGill (3). Kevin is thankful for the opportunity to be a pastor. He loves his family, the Church, and looks forward to continuing to learn and grow as a pastor.

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