25-Year Manager of ABC: Herman Schreven

by Kathy Marson, January 11, 2018

Back in December, Herman Schreven, our current Adventist Book Center manager announced he is taking new employment as the manager of LocalTel Grant County, an Internet, TV and phone provider.

Back in December, Herman Schreven, our current Adventist Book Center manager, announced he is taking new employment as the manager of LocalTel Grant County, an Internet, TV, and phone provider.

Herman is like part of the furniture in the Upper Columbia Conference although he would say others have served longer, like Eleanor Campbell who has worked over 46 years for the ABC. He came to work at the ABC in June, 1992, under then manager, Doug Sayles. When Doug moved on in 1993 Herman worked under Bill Skidmore till about 1996 when he became the manager. 

Reminiscing about the years, Herman says, “When I started working at the ABC our daughter, Mindy, was two-years-old.  Now she’s 27 years old, exactly the same age I was when I started.”
Herman has focused a lot of energy toward making the ABC a success. During a time when half the ABCs in North America Division have closed, the two in Upper Columbia remain viable. “We have been the number one in bookmobile sales in North America for over 15 years,” he says.

The bookmobile program in UCC dates back to the 1930s. Etched in Herman’s mind from photos lost in the 2008 fire, Herman says “there was one of the manager standing by a 12-foot camper-turned-bookmobile, near a member’s home. The 85-year plus tradition of traveling to many churches and all the schools each spring and fall is a testimony to the dedication of supportive members, schools and churches. 

Looking back, Herman is grateful he was able to have built a new store in College Place and, out of necessity, a new one in Spokane after everything was lost in the fire of 2008.

One most gratifying accomplishment has been establishing long-term relationships with so many people and organizations. “Back when I started there was a tense riff with the ABC and Andy’s Market in College Place, over time that has changed into a positive relationship were we are here to help each other better serve all of our customers. Things like that are quite gratifying as I look back,” says Herman. He also was able to run a reasonably successful Literature Evangelism (LE) program from 1999 to 2007 at a time when most conferences were not able to sustain LE programs.

He counts his success the result of a very supportive team from the Administration of UCC to outstanding support from customers, churches, and schools.  He also gives much of the credit to the ABC staff and some great managers at the College Place ABC. He wishes us to convey these parting words. “It’s been an honor to serve all these years, I treasure the people I’ve come to know. It’s been fun and fulfilling, I’m grateful.”

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